Elliott Bell

writer, poet, artist, expat

Tag: Recovery


I didn’t know it was dark in here
‘Til you came in with light.
I thought that I could see just fine
With my gloom-adjusted sight.

But ever since you wandered in
Lantern in hand aglow,
I see the filth I’ve been living in
When before I did not know.

I hang my head, overwhelmed
By the mess I have to clean.
Wishing it were dark again,
It shames me to be seen.

You stand tall above me
Pristine lantern swaying
I fear this dank, dark dirt of mine
Will stain you just by staying.



The sun was warm upon my face
I closed my eyes and felt it’s grace
Warming me from inside out,
I lost myself, forgot my doubts
And let myself love the sun,
For September, we were one.

But now October is creeping in
And the air’s begun to chill,
The falling leaves reminding me
That there is winter still.

So I will guard inside of me
This ember not yet done,
Lit soft and unexpectedly
By the warm September sun.


Sometime ago I fell apart
In a bout of stormy weather.
I had to tie myself in knots
Just to keep together.

Rain-soaked knots resist my attempts
To pull them loose and free.
But I ignore their frayed contempt
Determined to see them be.

For I have a new form in mind,
Something smooth and clean.
A pattern for these threads of mine,
I pick at them and dream.


Have you ever crushed a chrysalis
And seen the sludge inside?
Did y’know that we were made of this
‘Fore we were butterflies?

No Destination

A breeze sidles past
Bringing the sound
Of future-feet
Hitting the ground.

Muscles tensed,
I strain to hold still.
It does not daunt me
The future’s uphill.

Tennies tied tight,
Ready to run,
I close my eyes
My face in the sun.