Elliott Bell

writer, poet, artist, expat

Tag: Alliterative


Once softly swaying on the telephone wire,
They now lay still by the worn-out tires.
Yesterday they were in the air,
Every day before I saw them there.

Now they look so sad and small
What was it that made them fall?
Was it the wind? Or the rain?
Was it just their time to wane?

I’d thought they’d twirl in the sky forever,
But there they lay, with laces severed.


Alliterative Asides


A giddy, goofy girl gawks and gapes
At glistening glades of garish garlands.
She gladly glides through gratuitous garbage,
The garbled gospel of generosity.
Giggling, she gorges on garnished glamour.
Guileless, she gambles her goodness
– Gone in a glance.


I pity and patronize with pompous perfection
Picking to pieces people’s pontifications
Painfully preaching my pretty pitter-patter
I ponder the peril of my pretensions
Purely prattle, my petty and pale pronouncements
Poorly pardon my petrified personality.


Tiny, terrible tempestuous tears
Tilt through the tumbling thunder
Towards the twisted and twined,
The taut and tangled tethers,
Thwarting the turn towards true.
Turbulent towers of teal and turquoise
Threaten the terrified topmen,
‘Til the tilting, tipping, tossing turbidity
Tears their trawler in twain.

We Walk

Whether wandering wits weave wonders
While we wrestle and wrangle with words of wisdom,
We will walk the way of why and wherefores
Waxing and waning in wavering worth,
Wearing what our weakness wrought
Whipped by wanton wretched winds
We walk.

Flock in Flight

Weaving and winding in faint autumn rain,

Swooping and sweeping, they wax and they wane,

Dancing a thousand winged pirouettes,

A thousand fleeting, flecked silhouettes.

Losing myself in the riverine flow,

The silent symphony of grace and shadow.