You Cannot Escape The Sky

by Czechlister

Screeching spokes on a rusting frame
Gently murmur to me
As I ride under the steely sky,
Past the worn-out houses of my neighborhood.
Drooping and damp, like piles of discarded dirty laundry
Rather than a place to leave your heart and hearth.

Everything in this town is being eaten by the sea and sky.
The sea rises to the sky each morning, in massive corrosive clouds
And covers the town with its damp and hungry embrace.

What will you do
If, nay, when
The sky falls on you?

With damp and ravenous rage,
The slow surge of hunger that builds,
The more it eats the more it needs,
Until the sky has consumed everyone you know.
They fall into it’s maw of mist,
And disappear
And no matter how fast and far you run,
You cannot escape the sky.