To Do List

by Czechlister

What To Do?

I’ve not a clue.

I’m going through

This list that grows,

Each item making weight,

And waits, and wriggles past,

And I scramble to unlock gates

And shoo them through just as fast

As I can think of them, the never ending

Never stopping, growing tasks, that follow

Until I’m so behind and under them the force

Of their insistent cries drowns out all other noise

‘Til in a fury I grab my sword, and scream over them!

I grab one nearest and cut it down to non-existence

And I banish each to the void of finished tasks

As they run and shriek and flee and plead

I am a callous terror of burning need

To finish this terrible, rotten list

Of things that must be done,

Done one by one by one,

‘Til my To Do grows

To less than none

And I wonder

What to do?

I’ve not a clue…