The Terrorist

by Czechlister

I show you what I have
Strapped underneath my vest,
Six long sticks of dynamite
Taped across my chest.

I hold onto the red button,
Ready to press the trigger.
But the ball’s in your court now –
Will you guide my finger?

We waver in the silence
On the brink of extinction,
On the edge of infinity,
And I think of my satisfaction.

But when you finally move,
It’s not in fear or anger-
Just emergency procedures
In the face of danger.

Every action precise,
Every word in it’s place,
You meet all of my demands
With strange, confounding grace.

This is not what I expected,
I wanted fear and anger.
That is what I’m used to
For adding fuel to my fire.

But your noble tyranny
Has foiled my evil plot,
And all the bombs and buttons
Have again come to naught.

So once again I tuck away
The bomb beneath the bed,
And put back into my pocket
That button of fiery red.