The Lonely Martian

by Czechlister

I never knew I was a Martian inside
Until I saw a photo of the amber sky.
The endless expanse of burnt orange light,
The blue rays of sun that heralded night,
These images showed me that I have been
Nothing more than a lost Martian.

I do not know how I came to be
Trapped in this human Earth body.
And in the end it does not matter
As I’m not really after a real answer –
The only thing that’d make a difference
Is if I found more like me in this existence.

And so I look for those who look at the sky
With the forlorn glint of wondering eyes,
Marveling at Earth’s turbulent atmosphere
Searching in the sky for something obscure,
A distant dusty rock whence came their heart-
Those who know what it means to be apart.