Necessary Evil

by Czechlister

Your pockets dripping guilt
Into the laps of lobbyists
It may save some innocents –
But will it save you?
Will it save your sinful sons and daughters?
Wicked sisters and brothers?
Flawed mothers and fathers?

We are all monsters.
If we want a cure

We must take it.
And we do –
No, I do.
I do for me and you.

You reluctantly receive it with grasping hands,
Looking away from my face
Crossing yourself piously
A bitter twist to your mouth
As you gulp it down.

I understand.
The cure is bittersweet.
We do not deserve it,
But I hope that we may earn it.
I know that I’m the monster,
Your silent evil,
But please forgive me –
There is no difference between us
Save where the mirror faces.