Elliott Bell

writer, poet, artist, expat

Month: March, 2016


I have been writing poetry actively for three years, with over 100 completed poems. I write rhyming and non-rhyming free verse as well as micro-poetry – I try to use as much vivid imagery as possible, to hopefully relate emotions in a genuine and insightful manner. This site is a work in progress, so I’ll be adding more here soon.

Old poetry (not very proud of this stuff)


The Czech List


Started in March of 2015, I began The Czech List in order to organize my thoughts and research on moving abroad, getting TEFL certified, and how to move to and succeed as an expat in Prauge. In 2016, the blog was updated irregularly as I navigated my way through earning a TEFL certificate, finding teaching jobs, a visa and work license process, and general life as a foreigner in this beautiful city in the heart of Europe.

The Czech List